Aksyon Kalikasan (Eco Actions Ph), Inc. is a membership-based socio-civic organization for environmental concerns. We conduct training & piloting of sustainability initiatives to build the capacities of Filipino Greens to help achieve the ​GREEN AGENDA  2020-2030.

Our Unifying GREEN Principles

Aksyon Kalikasan subscribes to the UNIFYING PRINCIPLES of the GREEN PARTY OF THE PHILIPPINES.


1.Ecological Integrity

We believe that development must always be in harmony with nature. In our relationship with nature, we reject the concept of conquest and domination of nature and advancing instead the concept of living as integral part of, and in harmony with, nature. We will organize and build the capacity of communities to defend the world of nature from further abuse and restore the richness and diversity of life in our mountains, forest, rivers, lakes, seas, farms and other ecosystems.

2.Social Justice

We will promote equity in the enjoyment of the natural resources, vowing to help the poorer segment of our society first as a “bubble up” approach to providing direct benefits. We shall continue the heritage of struggle against all forms of exploitation, oppression and corruption, uniting with the oppressed and the exploited in their struggles, and paying special attention to the interest of the basic sectors. We must quickly narrow the gap between the rich and the poor and break up the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few.

3.National Solidarity and Active Non-Violence

As we promotes national solidarity through respect for the diversity of cultures and the practice of active non-violence, we will work to transform conflicts and resolve them through peaceful dialogue, negotiations and democratic decision-making. We will work with other social movements, including other green movements at the national and international levels towards this end.

4.Participatory Democracy

As caretakers of the earth, we will uphold environmental protection & sustainability as a key political agenda and strengthen various forms of basic democratic communities wherein citizens participate directly and regularly in bioregional development and subidiarity, active engagement in barangay (village), municipal/city and provincial governance, and there is eminence of indigenous peoples over ancestral domain. As a result, we will build a government that is fully accountable to the public for its decisions & actions.

5.Personal Integrity

We will exert effort to continue learning and living an ecological life style; conscously shifting in human values from competition and monopolitic control to cooperation and sharing, and advocacting a simple but spiritually-rich style or living against materialist acquisitiveness and wasteful patterns of production and consumption.

What we are for:

  • Clean air
  • Clean waters
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Ecological waste management
  • Renewable energy
  • Self-sufficient in basic needs
  • Integrity of Philippine biodiversity/ landscape as a source of wealth and pride
  • Strengthening positive Filipino values and traditions

What we are against:

  • Wasteful production and consumption
  • War as a means of resolving conflict
  • Domination/ exploitation of poor countries by rich countries; of local by national economies
  • Unsound technologies and unfair trade practices