This program is focused on Information, Communications, and Education interventions to find ways to increase the effectiveness of education for sustainability to move Filipinos to ACTION and realize the GREEN AGENDA 2020-2030.

Program Coordinator

The GOAL of this program is to:

Increase effectiveness of education for sustainable development (ESD) to move to ACTION at least 4,500 Filipinos by 2023 and contribute in realizing the Green Agenda 2020-2030 in their respective local communities.

​The program is implemented through five (5) projects:

Communicators Bureau Training 
OBJECTIVE: Conduct monthly training on Barangay Green Governance (BGG),  Campus Greening (CG),  Ecopreneurship Development (EC) and the 10-point GREEN AGENDA  to develop a pool of communicators on these topics.

Quadmedia Promotion
OBJECTIVE: Provide training to volunteers to produce regular video & written contents to produce regular information materials about Aksyon Kalikasan and the Green Agenda and disseminate these to mass & social media and present it to a monthly public forum and establish an online repository of reference materials.

Online Radio-TV 
OBJECTIVES: Conduct Aksyon Kalikasan online radio TV broadcast weekly to update and engage the public on the work and advocacies of Aksyon kalikasan

Green Campus Piloting
OBJECTIVE: Enter into partnerships with schools to pilot campus greening policies and activities leading to an extension program to support Barangay Green Governance.

Mall Caravan  
OBJECTIVES: Conduct Aksyon Kalikasan mall caravans nationwide to promote the work of AK & network with other greens and environment groups