About the project

GLA (Green Leadership Academy) Trainings are a series of thematic 2-3 days training in the form of EcoCamps designed to cover each of the 10-point GREEN AGENDA (2020-2030). This is Aksyon Kalikasan’s contribution for training members of the GREEN PARTY of the PHILIPPINE (GPP)and other Greens.

Also integrated in each of the thematic GLA Training are the mandatory 8-module training sessions for associate members of Aksyon Kalikasan to become FULL MEMBERS.

The GLA training are offered to the public. All members and applicants of Aksyon Kalikasan, GPP, Luntian Center and KALIKAS (Kabataan para sa Kalikasan) get an automatic 50% discount.

Objectives of the Project:

Conduct of monthly Green Leadership Academy (GLA) trainings for members of Aksyon Kalikasan, the Green Party of the Philippines & other Greens

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