1. Types of Members & Membership Requirements

1.1. There shall be three (3) types of members: a) Individual, b) Organizational and c) Honorary.

1.2. Individual members shall be any Filipino, of legal age. Those below 18 years can be members provided they secure a written permission from their parents or guardian.

1.3. Individual membership have two (2) levels.

1.3.1. The first level is associate membership and the second one is full membership. An associate member is someone who has completed the following requirements: a) Filling up the membership form, b) Attending a duly designated orientation on Aksyon Kalikasan, c) Paying the membership fee. Associate members enjoys all rights of membership, except the right to vote on all matters regarding the organization and the right to be voted to any elective position in the organization

1.3.2. The second level is full membership. Full membership bestows upon the member the right to vote on all matters regarding the organization and the right to be voted in any elective position in the organizations. To be a full member, an associate member must complete the mandatory 7-module training for members of Aksyon Kalikasan called the Green Leadership Academy (GLA) offered every month.

1.3. Organizational members are groups; regardless whether they have juridical personality or not, who share the VMG of Aksyon Kalikasan and have secured a resolution from their leadership for their intent to join as a member of Aksyon Kalikasan. Organizational members will be represented by a permanent individual from the organization designated by their leadership to represent them in Aksyon Kalikasan. All Organizational Members will have only one (1) vote within Aksyon Kalikasan.

1.4. Honorary membership is bestowed by the Aksyon Kalikasan Board or General assembly to any individual or organization who have done exemplary contribution to Aksyon Kalikasan in recognition for their support. Honorary members do not have voting rights but will be allowed to join any discussions within the organization

2. Rights & Duties of Members

2.1. Rights of Members – A member shall have the following rights:

a. To be eligible to any appointive office of the association;
b. To participate in all deliberations/meetings of the association;
c. To examine all the records or books of the associations during business hours within the office of the organization and/or during its General Assembly (Annual Meeting of Members)
d. Full members have the right to exercise the rights to vote on all matter relating to the affairs of the association and to be eligible to any elective position in the organization

2.2. All members; except the Honorary Members and Founding Members, have the duty to undergo the 7-modules of the Green Leadership Academy before he/she/they is allowed to have any voting rights in the organization. These training are held every monthly. An online version of the training-seminar will also be made available for those who cannot attend the regular session for any legitimate reasons. Each local chapter are encourage to develop their own localized Green Leadership Academy duly accredited by the membership committee.

3. Membership Fees and Dues

3.1. All members are required to pay an annual membership fee of P 300 for students and those with no regular income and P 500 for those who have regular source of income. The fee is to be paid every January. All members get an Aksyon Kalikasan T-shirt as uniform upon payment of the membership fee. ID Membership Cards are optional and cost will be paid for by the members. Those who do not have regular source of income may avail of discount or exemption from paying the membership fee by making requesting the Board of Trustee for such considerations.

3.2. For Organizational Members, the annual membership fee is P5,000 and is also to be paid every January. Honorary members do not pay any membership fee but will be asked every year for any donations they may want to extend for the organization.

3.3. All membership applicants shall pay their application fee of P300 for students and P 500 for those who have regular source of income upon submission of their membership form. This application fee shall serve as their first year annual membership fee if their application is approved. However, if their application for membership is rejected, the application fee is non-refundable and will pay for the cost of processing their application.

3.4. All associate members are urged to complete the 7-module Green Leadership Academy (offered every month) they shall pay only 50% of the registration fee set for GLA training to offset the cost of these training-seminar.

3.5. Senior citizens, persons with disabilities (PWD), member of an IP (Indigenous Peoples) community and registered single parents shall enjoy 50% discount on annual membership fees. The discounted rate of GLA trainings already complies with this benefits afforded these sectors.

3.6. Local Chapters may passed a resolution adopting a different rate of membership fee; provide this will still allow them to pay the cost of processing membership application and provide at least a certificate of membership to all its members. This resolution is subject to the ratification of the Board of Trustees and upon endorsement by the membership committee.

4. Process of Membership Recruitment & Processing

4.1. There shall be an online and printed membership application form that will be used for applicants to express their intent to join Aksyon Kalikasan. Upon completion of all membership requirements and formal approval of membership, the membership shall be required to fill up and sign a Membership Form and provide his/her photo and signature

4.2. A Membership Committee shall be created by the Board of Trustees to process all membership applications, conduct membership recruitment activities and proposed policy recommendations; related to membership recruitment and development to the Board of Trustee; including an annual plan of action. The Committee shall be chaired by a member of the Board and shall include two (2) more members

4.3. All applications must be duly endorse by a bonafide member before it can be processed. The endorser must sign the printed membership application form or must send an email endorsing the applicant to the members of the membership committee

4.4. The committee shall ensure that all information in the application forms are true and that the person applying do not have any conflicts of interest in any of the work and advocacies of the organization.

4.5. Upon receipt of the completed application form and the payment of the application fee, the membership committee shall have 15 days to act upon the application. No action on the part of the membership committee shall mean that the membership application is duly approved.

4.6. All successful applications should join a designated organizational meeting or activity where he/she is scheduled to undergo the ceremony of welcoming him/her to the organization with fellow members in witness. If physical presence is not possible, then his/her presence may be done through online, video communication.