The Green Agenda (2020 -2030)

In solidarity with the Green Party of the Philippines (GPP-KALIKASAN MUNA), Aksyon Kalikasan fully supports the 

The Green Agenda (2020 -2030)
  1. Climate Emergency Actions
  2. Organic Food Security
  3. Biodiversity Conservation in Sustainable Habitats
  4. Sustainable Forest Cover
  5. Swift Shift to Renewable Energy
  6. Zero Waste & Pollution Minimization
  7. Greening Human Settlements/ De-Urbanization
  8. A moratorium of Mineral Mining & Oil & Gas Nationalization
  9. Local and National Green Governance
  10. Support to “Peoples” Self Governance Towards SusDevt

On good governance, graft & corruption. It is explicitly inherent that the above Green Agenda can only be implemented by a government where massive corruption is curtailed and public servants, elected or otherwise would be fully accountable and compliant to all our anti graft and corruption laws. As such, the Green Party subscribes to the highest degree of anti graft and corruption standards and will fully support any and all efforts so that government become graft and corruption free.